Drop Your Buffs: A Survivor Podcast

Interview: Parvati Shallow

May 9, 2022

Parvati Shallow, the iconic and legendary leader of the Black Widow Brigade, joins us to talk all things Survivor. We discuss Survivor's early attempts at diversity casting in Cook Islands, the magic of the Black Widow Brigade alliance in Micronesia, the problem with "what if" scenarios in Heroes vs Villains, the surprising casting choices made on Winners at War and balancing a private life with a public life. We also talk about her unique relationship with Drop Your Buffs fave Amanda Kimmel and speculate on her disappearance from the Survivor-verse. Plus, from one Slayer to another, Sarah Michelle Gellar is making contact with Parvati(!!).


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Music by Cody Lee Curtis (@codyleecurtis). Artwork by Mark Glasgow (@markglasgowillustration).

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